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What Community Service Means to Me

What Community Service Means To Me In 2011 I became a LEO. I didn’t really think it was going to be interesting. Just a necessary component for graduating high school. I was very wrong. I met new friends, have took on a critical Leader role in my club, and most of all devoted my time […]

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Ruby Bridges Reflection

Ruby Bridges Reflection Ruby Bridges is an African-American six year old girl who, in 1960, proved to the non coloured population that she was capable of attending the exact same school as a white child. Ruby was one of the three coloured children selected to get an education through the strict white populated school surrounded […]

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Different Visions About Urban Planning

By: Dennis Alejandro Bermeo. Teacher: Mgs. Mariano Castillo Date: April 19, 2013 DIFFERENT VISIONS ABOUT PLANNING TO REDUCE CRIME Several visions of Urban Planning have contributed significantly to decrease crime rates through innovative ideas by Jane Jacobs and Oscar Newman. The first vision by Jane Jacobs is called “Eyes on the street”, in this vision […]

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