???Big World??™ and ???Gran Torino??™


Journeys offer opportunities to a certain extent depending on the type of journey an individual is on. Journeys can also uncover new perspective of life, these are reasons for people undertaking a journey, but in some cases these reasons are not the cause as to why they undertake a journey, it may be because of ignorance or entrapment. None of these opportunities would arise or be taken without him or her accepting the prospect of these opportunities, after all it is their attitude towards the opportunities that establish the outcome whether it be positive or negative. Many of these themes and aspects of journey are displayed Tim Winton??™s ???Big World??™ and also Clint Eastwood??™s movie ???Gran Torino??™.

The short story ???Big World??™ by Tim Winton is a physical journey of two boys who decide that they are quitting there jobs, packing up and moving. Through the story they realise the amount of opportunities that are passing them while they are living in Angelus. Through ???Biggie??™ the author displays a state of ignorance that desensitises the boys to opportunities and chances. They do not realise the chances that are passing them by in the town of Angelus. When they pack up and move they realise what they have been missing out on. Throughout their journey they are able to gain a new appreciation for the life they could have, they are given opportunities to learn to recognise opportunities

Biggie and the Narrator realised that life in Angelus was not for them, they were happy whilst on the road in their VW, they didn??™t have to worry about work or school all of that was behind them, they realised that they are doing what they wanted. They discovered this through there journey, if they had never left their town of Angelus they would be still stuck in the meatworks packing meat in to boxes and would not know what the outside world is like. Through the journey they are able to realise that they enjoy travelling rather then being tied down in one place. Their journey provided opportunity for learning more about themselves.

After finishing school and finding themselves a job hosing blood and guts off the floors at a meatworks, Biggie and the Narrator come to realise the true harshness of adult work and discover how comparatively easy their lives had been up to that point. Winton writes ???Biggie and me, heading to work every morning in a frigid wind in the January of our new lives, still in jeans and boots and flannel shirts, with beanies on our heads and the horizon around our ears.??? Through the journey into the adult word that these two characters take they are given opportunity to learn about the amount of work it takes to survive in the world. It is clearly evident that this journey provided numerous opportunities for growth and learning.

The movie ???Gran Torino??™ by Clint Eastwood??™s is a spiritual journey after his wife dies who he had been with for 50 years. Through the movie we learn that Walt despises his children and doesn??™t like them much as people, he didn??™t like his grandchildren who were just waiting for him to pass away so they could get his Gran Torino. Walt lets Thao work for him even tho it??™s against his wishes. Then he starts to notice that Thao is not just the gook who tried to steal his Gran Torino he is a boy who is a lost soul and been through hardship as well. Throughout his spiritual journey he was able to gain a relationship that was better then the one he had with his own children.

Through the movie you discover that Walt is carrying burdens, also he knows a lot more about death then he does life. When Walt is talking to Father Janovich Walt tell him ???It??™s not what you were ordered to do, but what you weren??™t ordered to do that haunts you the most.??? He starts to feel his old age but doesn??™t want to show it until Thao makes him take the lighter side on things. Walt heaps Thao get a job and helps him with the tools he needs as if its his son as he didn??™t get the chance to do that with his children.

After finding where the gang lives that hurt his neighbours physically and emotionally, Father Janovich go??™s to talk to Walt After the incident and Walt tells him ???Thao and Sue will never going to find peace in this world with this gang around???. Walt doesn??™t have a confession until the end of the movie this is so he can leave his burdens behind and be at peace. It??™s clear that Walt wanted the best life for Thao and Sue after giving his life to put the gang in gaol and for them to find peace.

In conclusion it can be seen that journeys offer a great number of opportunities. These can be opportunities for discovering appreciation, knowledge, self discovery and understanding of the world and its inhabitants, among others. In both Tim Wintons ???Big World??™ and Clint Eastwood??™s movie ???Gran Torino??™, the characters embark on physical, emotional and spiritual journeys and through these are given opportunities to develop as explained above. Through a physical journey and a journey of emotional development Biggie and the Narrator in ???Big World??™ gain a new appreciation for the life they could have. ???Gran Torino??™ makes the point that life is a journey and its travellers are given opportunities to learn about life and death. In ???Big World??™ the two central characters are able to learn more about themselves through a physical journey. Biggie and the Narrator in ???Big World??™ text are given an opportunity to learn about the world around them and the amount of work required to survive in it, through the physical journey of leaving school. It has been observed that journeys provide a great number of opportunities.