Big Foot Really Does Exist

Cindy Jones
June 23, 2010
Big Foot Really Does Exist
This is a true story about events that happened to my family in my home state of Texas with an elusive creature. It has been named Big Foot or Sasquatch. Sightings have been found in Texas; scientists believe that the biggest colonies exist there. Memories of these sightings have left deep impressions of fear for some of my family members. However, some of us had been fascinated by the creature.
In the spring of 1983, my husband and I had purchased a two acre lot deep in the piney woods, also called the Big Thicket, located in Pumpkin ,Texas. There was a shell house with wooden shingles and a tin roof located on the property. In the evenings my husband Terry would go to work on the house. Because there had not been electricity on the property, he brought out a generator for power. Eric, our eight year old son, traveled with his dad to work on the house. Later as night arrived, Eric had become tired and he decided to go out to the truck to take a nap. Suddenly, the truck begun to shake and he looked up at the driver??™s side window to see a hairy face staring back at him. His dad usually stored a pistol under the seat, but Eric could not find it. Terry realized that his son was not in the house, so he went outside to find Eric jumping back and forth in the seat of the truck. Terrified, Eric told his dad what had happened. My husband grabbed his hammer and went into the woods looking for whatever scared his son. There was a pole barn next to the house with old appliances under it. As Terry
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came out of the woods he noticed a very large shadowy figure. It was so large that it over shadowed one of the appliances under the barn. As Terry approached the pole barn, the shadowy figure moved towards the woods. When they arrived home, I noticed a strong musty odor on them and my son looked white as a ghost.
We had moved in our new home June of 1983. There were no more unusual appearances that year. One night in the spring of 1984, my husband had stayed up in the night to fix his truck. Suddenly, he had a feeling that something had been watching him. Pointing his head light toward the lower part of the driveway, he discovered a large animal was sitting there and watching him. Terry tried to catch the reflection of its eyes, animals usually reflect different color in their eyes, but the animal had closed its eyes. This was an animal that Terry had not seen in the past and realized he had come in contact with a Big Foot. They both stared at each other for twenty minutes or longer. When Big Foot got up, Terry watched as the creature walked over the bobbed wired fence back into the woods.
Two years later my family prepared to move to Virginia. We were outside visiting with a friend, Mr. Brown, and suddenly our two dogs started barking towards the back of the house into the woods. I walked over and heard something big growling from the woods. My husband and Mr. Brown followed the dogs towards the back of the house and observed something big running through the woods. Mr. Brown ran around the front of the house, but to his amazement Big Foot jumped out of the woods running towards him. Surprised, he made an about face and ran back swiftly towards the house. I had walked back into the house so I missed
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the excitement. Mr. Brown thought we were crazy to believe that Big Foot was real. The experience had made him a believer.
I am sure you think that my family is crazy, but cable TV has produced a documentary about the exploration of Big Foot in my old back yard (Pumpkin, Texas). Life sometimes reveals a special event we have no control over it. Can you open up your mind to the possibility that Big Foot exist Just because you have not seen it, does not mean it does not exist. Be careful what you go searching for, it might find you.