In an effort to more thoroughly understand vegan and vegetarian customers, I went to visit a local vegan and vegetarian favorite suggest to me by a friend in one of the interview. The stop I went to was the long a waited bakery called BabyCakes NYC. New York based BabyCakes NYC is a specialized bakery dedicated to creating high quality, vegan, mostly organic and gluten free confections. Babycakes is located in downtown Los Angeles, in Pacific Electric Lofts at 6th and Main streets (next to Coles French Dip). As the door opened, a warm, sweet air of sugar greets you. The store is a quaint little bakery with sitting inside and out. Trays of perfectly, delicious donuts, biscuits, buns, brownies, breads, muffins, cookies, and cupcakes full the bakery. Customers range from vegan and von-vegan. One woman I interview was picking up an order for her son that need gluten-free food because of health problems. She said, ??? Having a child with health problems, especially gluten, makes choosing places to eat exceedingly difficult. I very grateful for BabyCake NYC The stuff was warm, friendly and will to help. I asked a stuff what was good and what BabyCakes NYC was know for she said ???The donut is BabyCakes NYC specialty and a must try. The thing about the donut,??? she said, ???is that it??™s not actually a donut, not in any traditional sense at least. ? Sure, it??™s round and has a hole in it, but so does a bagel. ? But while the name may be misleading, the flavor certainly is not. ? These round-hole-cakes are nothing but delicious. ? The texture is that of a slightly dense, moist cake. The cinnamon and sugar coated one is heaven and lasted for only a matter of seconds.??? The atmosphere is sweet with a 1950??™s feel; all of the workers wear vintage aprons and pink outfits. The small bakery is surrounded in old-fashioned pictures, doilies and decorations. One of the customers waiting for an order kindly took the time and answer question from our group survey:
1. Are you a vegetarian or a vegan
2. What led you to the decision to become a vegetarian or vegan
-Animal Rights
-Better Health
3. Which type of vegetarian are you
Vegan (excludes all animal products from diet)
4. Which of these lifestyles do you favor along with being a vegan or a vegetarian
Organic (“Going Green”) and Being active (Exercise regularly)
5. Do you also use organic or vegan clothing and accessories If so which ones
none of the above (I use regular made clothing and accessories)
6. Is there any particular charity or cause that you feel the strongest about
No not really ??“ I guess the ASPCA
7. which types of stores do you shop at for vegan/ vegetarian food, clothing and beauty products Which brands of vegan or organic products (food, clothing, accessories, and beauty products) do you favor
Morningstar Farms and Follow your Heart
8. What are the challenges and obstacles you face as a vegan or a vegetarian
9. How much do you spend weekly on green products
Between $50-$100
10. On a scale from 1 (lowest value) – 5 (highest value) how would you rate these values in your lifestyle
a world of peace 2
self- respect 3
a comfortable life 4
happiness/inner peace 5
pleasure 1