Big Brother Big Business

Big Brother Big Business
The information in Big Brother Business by David Faber is rather scary. It is a known fact that everything a person does is recorded, but having a person??™s driving habits recorded, putting a chip in a person, or recording a person??™s internet searches all border on the line of invasion of privacy. The legal environment has not caught up with technology, and once it catches up, advancements will only lead to more advancements, and the previous movements may seem trivial.
The ???black box??? in personal vehicles, along with GPS systems, can record a person??™s every move. Does anyone really want this Yes, recording the few seconds before and after an accident can prove to be helpful. It can prove who was at fault in the accident, but using it for reasons beyond that are bordering on privacy issues. No person wants their personal driving habits recorded. I agree with Howard Boyle, who uses GPS in his employees??™ phones to track his employees??™ every move at any moment in the day to ensure productivity. They are on the clock, and this is a way to verify that his employees are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there. This is not an invasion of privacy due to the fact that Howard Boyle is paying them for a service. If his customers are not happy with the customer service they have received due to an employee taking too long to report in, Howard can look up their location and find out immediately what the problem is. The fact that your cell phone can track all the places that you have been while it is on and then the information is stored is rather scary. I personally don??™t feel that this information could be good for anyone. Yes, it may track down a person??™s whereabouts if in question, but in the wrong hands it could have dire consequences.
All persons should be aware that they are being recorded in public. One should always act as if they are on camera when in public. People who register for those preferred customer cards should also be aware that their shopping habits are being recorded as well. Marketing analysts came up with this marketing strategy to record and keep copy of which customers bought which products. This helps the marketing department when deciding who and how to distribute information about products or coupons. The recording also helps marketing departments better serve their target market. When companies can observe customers??™ shopping habits, they can better see how the customers??™ needs and wants are being met. If a customer idles too long in an aisle, an employee may be alerted to the customer so that an employee can give better customer service so that the guest can make the best decision. This way all the customers needs are being met within the store.
Putting a chip in a person seems to be out of science-fiction, even putting it in your animals is rather weird. I have checked out the chip that you put in your animals. It stores your address, your name, phone number, the pet??™s name, and if they have had their shots. This helps locating the animal if they become lost. While this seems like a great idea, it is just another way that people can track you and your habits; it??™s just one more list to be added to. I am not exactly sure what to think about putting this chip in people no matter what the excuse. Even a person who has nothing to hide should not have their every move recorded during every moment of every day. This is definitely an invasion of privacy. Parents use this method to locate their children have some serious control issues. You have to raise your children to the best of your abilities, teach them right from wrong, and pray they make the right decisions in life. Even if a parent tracks every one of their children??™s moves, the children may be scared of doing something, but will act out in defiance in other ways.
Recording a person??™s internet searches is a very thin line of the privacy issues, and the legal environment needs to walk this line very carefully. As in the case of the man who used the search engine Google to search gun shots to the chest, and insurance policies due to homicide did prove to be useful, but only because they were able to find evidence. What would have happened if the police did not find any internet searches that did not implicate him in the murder of his wife Would this then be an invasion of privacy I think the answer to that question is yes.
I think the legal environment should evaluate the technological environment every year and make the adjustments needed so the laws keep up with the advancements. The thought of everything I do being stored in data warehouses is pretty scary and maddening, and even though I??™m not doing anything illegal or wrong, I still don??™t want my every move, internet search, driving habits, my cell phone usage, or where I was when my cell phone was on being recorded, saved, and used against me.