Ethical Issues and Management Paper
Vanessa Gemelli
November 7, 2011
University of Phoenix

Ethical Issues and Management Paper
The duties of a manager are more than just managing one department, in many cases manager have to make crucial decision almost every time. Managers have a big role and have to take part in many different areas. Part of a managers responsibility consist of hiring, performance evaluation discipline, termination, harassment cases, be a role model and in many cases diversity situation.
In this paper I will be speaking about the role of hiring. I will be describing the moral and ethical issues faced by a manager when hiring, I will also explain how relationships between social issues and ethical responsibility management practice during a hiring process. I will also give an example of a workplace example of an ethical matter involving hiring.
Unfortunately there are moral and ethical issues in which managers have to deal with. In a managers role, a manager must make sure to make the appropriate decision in which will benefit the company. There are regulations in which the state regulations have put to place.
In order for a manager to make the appropriate decision manager must act in a professional matter. A manager is a role model, and in many cases they are responsible for everything that happens around them and keeping a safe and comfortable environment is a most.
When a manager is in the process of hiring, a manager most make sure that during the process they choose the appropriate team member. When we are speaking about moral and ethical situation people do not realize how much investment the company puts in hiring and training of the new team member. Therefore making a poor hiring decision can cost the company a significant amount of money.
From productivity, customer service and liability prospective have been widely studied and has been estimated to be three times the annual salary of the individual involved (Calvasina, Calvasina & Calvasina 2008).
What this quote means is that a manager must make a hiring decision based on skills, moral and ethical values. Usually when a manager hires it goes further than that. Motivation is a huge part of the hiring process. During the hiring process a manager must take to affect that when hiring there are laws to follow, hiring is based on what type of candidate best qualifies for the position. A manager most hire without looking at race, gender or religion.
In many cases hiring managers and other managers have to deal with moral issues. It is important to make sure that when dealing with the matter of moral issues the manager keeps in mind of what and whom they are dealing with. As a manager it is necessary to realize that moral issues will happened on a daily basis. .
Before a manager hires a new employee, he/she must make sure that they are professional. The manager should follow code of ethics that supports and promotes human rights, equity, dignity, confidentiality, and respect. (Hussein, Magdy 2009)
When a manager practice good managerial ethics, a manager has to practice social issues and ethical responsibility! Unfortunately in many cases when manager make a decision it could affect the staff and society. Therefore a good hire is crucial to prevent any ethical violation that could happened during the hiring process.
Technology has become a big part of the hiring process, and when technology is use it could become a social case. Internet is one of the new technology in which has taking place when hiring, now in order to get a job in many cases the person needs to apply on line the way a person could apply would be through the companies official website, Craigslist, Career builder or, when using this type of websites it could turn out to be a social and ethical matter.
When applying for a job online this could become a social case. In many cases when applying online personal information must be entered (name, birthday, sex, ethnic). Some people take advantage of this resources and try to sue the company for not been hired because of discrimination.
A company??™s approach to ethics and legal compliance has an enormous impact on their employees attitudes and behaviors. (Gibson, David G. Toffler, Barbara L, Trevino, Linda K and Weaver Gary R.)
In the United States there is the law of The Equal Employment Opportunity which is the representative in which believe that they have been discriminated because they were not hired; this law was made to protect employees and candidates from any type of discrimination. This is why a manager must make the appropriate hiring decision.
I work for a very big company we are all over the United States, in order to get hired you must go through one phone interview and then seven more interviews. After the seven interview are if the interviewers think you qualify for the position and are the best candidate you have to pass a drug test, a physical and also have to lift 50 pounds in order to get the job.
When going through he interview process It does not matter if you are white, black a woman or a man, small or big everyone must pass the same interviews, drug test, physical and lift the same amount of pounds in order to get hired. At the beginning I use to not understand how can women do the same physical as a man, how can a woman pick up 50 pounds, I use to think it was not fair, but one day I was very curious and I spend some time with human resources and ask them what was the reason to this.
After a pretty long conversation human resources made me realize that if they did not have the same hiring concept no matter who it was this could bring the company a legal matter. They also explained that if a woman was not able to do the same physical assessment it would be consider unethical for a woman to be treated differently than man.
After researching and finding out the legal and ethical issues associating with the hiring process it is obvious that moral and ethical plays an enormous part of the hiring process. If a manager of a company does not lead by example it is very hard for the staff to follow ethical behaviors.

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