What Community Service Means to Me

What Community Service Means To Me In 2011 I became a LEO. I didn’t really think it was going to be interesting. Just a necessary component for graduating high school. I was very wrong. I met new friends, have took on a critical Leader role in my club, and most of all devoted my time to my community. I am glad Community Service is required for high school because of all its benefits. Every time I volunteer I put forth my best effort. Volunteering is very exciting. It helps me be satisfied with what I have.

Sometimes we want more clothes, jewelry, electronics, and more, but some people wish they had what we had. This is why I love to donate my clothes and I wouldn’t hesitate too either. When I volunteered to help people in need of food, it felt so good that I was helping people instead of wasting my time staying home and watching TV. Community Service is more than just putting time in for high school. It teaches a lot of key things along the way. In My LEO club, I have had the role of a treasurer.

I was responsible for keeping track of how much money we had at the age of 13. That highly benefited me and helps me for my future. That is where the O in LEO comes in. I am now President and have a lot of duties for a 14 year old. This opens up my choices for a career in the future. According to the bible, we need to put the needs of others above our own. When Jesus came into the world he came to serve others. That’s what I want to do. There’s nothing better than the feeling I get when I volunteer. My most memorable moment was volunteering for the Breast cancer walk.

In the future I would like to become a scientist and discover cures for diseases like Autism, Mad Cow’s disease, and Cancer. These walks only help further our research for cures and who wouldn’t want to contribute to this. All in all, Community Service means a lot to me. I get a great feeling when I contribute my time to my community. Whether it’s helping clean up my community or giving water to runners and walkers, Community Service is a vital role in life. I think everyone should volunteer because it helps prepare you for the future. It’s not as if it has any negative impact.


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