Ruby Bridges Reflection

Ruby Bridges Reflection Ruby Bridges is an African-American six year old girl who, in 1960, proved to the non coloured population that she was capable of attending the exact same school as a white child. Ruby was one of the three coloured children selected to get an education through the strict white populated school surrounded by angry protesting parents who were against letting a coloured child into the same school their child was studying in, however, by attending this school she proved that her colour did not define her, and that all children are the same.

The closed minded people who were against Ruby attending a school full of non coloured children also grew to become aware of the fact that her skin colour did not interfere with her learning capabilities, she was a very bright and well educated child who had the right to attend a school where she was able to receive a better education. The six year old African-American girl had to go through the cruel discrimination laid upon her by the white American community and therefore had to be escorted by federal marshals into the new school she was attending.

To step foot in a community which is entirely against you at such a young age, is extremely difficult and dangerous. Ruby Bridges mother, although she was trying to unite all coloured and non-coloured people so she could change things for the next generation, committed a selfish act by putting her daughter forward to attend such a school. Ruby Bridges did show courage by stepping forward and building the strength to fight for her right to education each day and facing angry protestors outside her school building everyday.

Although these protestors whose goal was to have Ruby removed from the school which their non-coloured children attend gave Ruby nightmares each night, she stayed fighting for her rights and continued going to school. This movie should inspire students to fight for what is rightfully theirs, as Ruby Bridges did. It illustrates the hardships which the coloured folk in New Orleans faced, and how they got through them with time and persistence. The protestors outside of the school had no right to interfere with Ruby getting an education.

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Removing their own children was an action which they could rightfully commit to without interfering with another child’s schooling, however, by posting outside the school and discriminating against Ruby and attempting to abuse her both physically and mentally is a right which no adult has on any child. By this point, 1960, people of colour in New Orleans had begun to get out of slavery, and began to get the right to an education, homes, having a job etc.

However, this movie illustrates that people were still very closed- minded at this point in time, and still did not accept it when African-Americans affiliated with non-coloured citizens. This was a sad thing to encounter, as it proved how low people thought of the African-American people, although they were capable of performing the exact same tasks as any other citizen of the United States was. By the end of the movie, Ruby Bridges had proven that she had just as much of a right to the same education a white child would have and even won the hearts of many students in her school along with the teachers as well.

In conclusion, Ruby Bridges is a movie filled with sadness, joy and courageous actions illustrated by the main character. After watching this movie a person should walk away with the knowledge of the fact that regardless of how much times have changed, some people will stick with a mentality which is unjust and unfair to others. However, if you fight for what you believe in, and stick to your rights and purpose, the outcome may be worthwhile.