Different Visions About Urban Planning

By: Dennis Alejandro Bermeo. Teacher: Mgs. Mariano Castillo Date: April 19, 2013 DIFFERENT VISIONS ABOUT PLANNING TO REDUCE CRIME Several visions of Urban Planning have contributed significantly to decrease crime rates through innovative ideas by Jane Jacobs and Oscar Newman. The first vision by Jane Jacobs is called “Eyes on the street”, in this vision she explains how to make public streets and public spaces safe.

The second vision is called “Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)”by Oscar Newman, in this vision he explains how to reduce the opportunity for criminal behavior designing a positively physical environment. Therefore, Urban Planning can considerably reduce crime rates through the installation of bright street lights and the use CPTED programs. First vision by Jane Jacobs is to reduce crime through the installation of bright street lights. She recommends some ways in which planning and design diminish or enhance people’s sense of safety.

The most relevant is the close observation of public spaces, including stores, bars, restaurants, street vendors and pedestrians. Also, she is concerned that open spaces can be dangerous if they are empty. Consequently, the installation of bright street lights is efficient method to make public spaces safer. Second vision by Oscar Newman is to decrease crime through the use of CPTED programs. He promotes the use of hardware and design changes. For example: Fences, buzzers, gates, police patrols and traffic barriers are proposed to keep people out and to define territory.

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CPTED’s goal is to prevent crime by designing a physical environment that positively influences human behavior. Therefore, an adequate design and effective use of the built environment can lead to reduce crime significantly. Despite of crime statistics that indicate that urban planning is falling, crime is an actual concerning issue in the modern societies. Therefore, the installation of bright street lights and the use CPTED programs are practical methods to reduce crime activity.