Graphical User Interface

Week 3 Course Project (BIS450) Topic: Interface and Processing Required User interface: The user interface shall be built to provide an easy-to-use graphical interface that includes dropdown menu, labels, summit button, icons, pull-down menus, buttons, and hyperlinks. It also should adhere to commonly accepted user interface guidelines on windowing systems. For instance a button should perform like a button and not like a checkbox. Buttons will be used for single independent actions that are relevant to the current screen.

Text fields (label) will be used when the user may type in anything they want. Database Requirement: GisiCon is a small and a growing company and as such I will be going for the minimum server database requirement. MySQL server has been chosen for this specific website design. The choice of MySQL as the database platform has many advantage, some of them are: * Low-cost: Microsoft MySQL Server features and maintenance remain low throughout an application’s life cycle. * Cross Platform Flexibility: MySQL supports multiple platforms of operating system. High Performance, Reliability and Scalability: Supports demanding applications, such as Telco and Network management * Ease-of-Use with fast installation: Easy configuration and integration, give developers enough time to focus on application development. * Zero-administration: It eliminates the need for customers to hire a dedicated DBA or spend any cycles on database administration, and reducing or eliminating costly database-related support. Navigation structure:

The following principle should be used for page navigation: * Navigation will be very easy to find: It will stand out enough so that it does get lost with other content of the website. * Consistency: All the navigation will appear in the same location on every page of the site * Obvious name will be used: Navigation link will clearly state what lies behind them * It should remind the User Where They Are: Once a user clicks into a site section, it’s a good idea to remind them where they are. Website IPO: User Input /Information User Input /Information User Output/ Information

User Output/ Information Database for User profile/ Storage and processing Database for User profile/ Storage and processing Data Collection Data Collection Input| User inputs request to the system; service request, name or address update| Data Collection| Data is collected by the system at this phase| Database| The database uses the various validating technique to validate the inputted information with the information that is already in the system| Output| Output is presented to the user in form of intelligent information| Data Storage Structure in the Database

Databases will be using a series of Tables to store the data. Each database table will be given a unique name. Next, each column in the table will be given a unique name. In our example below it would be something like first_name, last_name and email. First_Name| Last_Name| Email| Address| Emmanuel| Akpan| [email protected] com| 120 Pinehill Road, Calgary, Alberta| Validation/ Main processing routine on the system:

Most of the validation will be happening in the Server. However, the User Interactivity Screens and Forms will be used as the primary validation point by the users. The application will require the user to enter data into the user interface. This information will be moved to the database for validation. When validation is completed the result will be presented to the user on the user interface. References http://www. mysql. com/oem/