Essay on Trifles

Differences Between Men and Women Trifles revolves around a crime scene. Throughout the play we notice how different men and women, from what they say, to where they are, to what they notice, and to how they are viewed. During the 1900’s women were viewed as objects or the property of men. They were taken for granted and did was not appreciated. They were treated as less than men and they had no power to defend themselves.

During the play we notice that the women are in the kitchen and they barely move or go out of the place while the men do whatever they want. This represents the weak position of the females in the society, and how they are expected to behave. When the women find evidence to the crime while paying attention to the little things that men would not notice, they were laughed at and not taken seriously. They wonder if she was going to quilt it or just knot it. (The men laugh, the women look abashed”). According to Lizbeth Goodman “Trifles was written at the end of the American suffrage movement, but is not itself a ‘suffrage play’, in that is not overtly concerned with women’s right to vote. The play and Glaspell’s choice of themes, issues and style can, however, be seen to have influenced in part by the dramatic developments of the suffrage era.

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They play deals with the major theme of communication between the sexes; it asks the audience to recognize women’s and men’s different expectations; different rights and different ways of supporting each other, both within and outside the law. ” We can clearly see how the women help each other and unite as one against the men to create more power for themselves against male prejudice when they defend Minnie, when they hide the canary’s dead body which is the evidence of the murder, and every time the men try to judge Mrs.

Wright the women move closer together to appear as one strong unit that men can not break “The women have come in slowly and stand close together near the door”. The men, on the other hand, believe that the women are powerless and shallow and they really underestimate the women’s abilities and bond. When the men find no evidence and the women revealed the truth, the men make fun of the women again “(Facetiously). Well, Henry, at least we found out that she was not going to quilt it.

She was going to–what is it you call it, ladies! ” In conclusion, the play Trifles shows the difference between men and women during the 20th century and how women’s opinions did not matter. But Susan Glaspell proved, through this play and the behavioural differences between the two sexes, that women can do important things and are no less than men. Bibliography Literature and Gender. Ed. Lizbeth Goodman. London, New York and Canada: The Open University, 1996.